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The RBM-NDT from Chorzów, Poland offers a wide range of NDT service.

Offered methods and techniques covers : UT, PT, MT and VT.

Based on over 20 years of experience in former “EKOPOL” NDT company, specialists from RBM-NDT offer high quality services in conventional and special techniques. Some NDT techniques used by RBM-NDT are unique in Poland, e.g.: high temperature manual UT for welds, Demagnetization of hard magnetic materials, UT testing with counter beam probes, etc. NDT specialists from RBM-NDT are qualified and certified according to ISO 9712 standard. They also posses experience in projects carried out in various refineries and powerplants around Europe and North Africa.

Each project in RBM-NDT is planned individually – offered solutions are suitable to customer’s requirements.

Our offer is directed for customerss who are searching for methods of quality control of products, utilized constructions and machinery. This directly leads to economical and reliable processes and high quality products.


Nondestructive Testing :

- Ultrasonic Testing (sector 7 and 8)
- Magnetic-particle Testing
- Penetrant Testing
- Visual Testing
- Ultrasonic wall thickness measurement

NDT Instructions and procedures


For each method (UT, MT, PT and VT) NDT personel in RBM-NDT is certified in both level 2 and 3 according to iso 9712. This fact provides possibility of full supervision during NDT using above listed methods.

NDT operators in RBM-NDT are continuously participating in various trainings, acquiring following certificates to meet increasing customer and market requirements. Additionally level 3 NDT personel participates in trainings and examination of NDT personnel from various companies around Poland.

Certificate of Approval

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Office and Laboratory:

RBM-NDT spółka z o.o. [Ltd.]
Księcia Władysława Opolskiego 10
41-500 Chorzów

Tel/fax. +48 32 7937000
Office tel. +48 882134471